Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i want...

Hello, may i just say that year 12 is soooo shit when it comes to this end of the year.. which i'm a hundred percent sure is news to no one! But i just thought i would reinforce that fact again, as i am just soooo over it! i want summer! i want southbound, the beach, parties, no worries, stree-free, massive sleep ins, big late nighters, massive all nighters?, big day out, australian open, hot nights, sunsets at 9, cool breezes on a hot day, reading a book without having to analysise it, running in the sand, doing whatever the f**k i want :)
It will be lovely...

In the mean time....

I want blue nails and orange drinks..

I want a grungy rock tee, long braided hair, and awesome jackets

I want her tan.. and hair.. and face?

I want spikey studded shoes..

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