Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi everyone!
sorry its been too long since I last properly "blogged" i keep fooling myself when time is precious that photos will do, but i do realise that sometimes, real human words are nice also! So i am just letting you know that i am indeed alive...just. Studying is crunching down, the brunt of it is over, but the sting is only just beginning - i had my first prac exam today - english... 3 hours.. jesus! it was heavy! tomorrow i have classics and lit! more writing! and so much to remember!
But other than that, its going ok, stress is high... but manageable.
I am intensely excited for my freedom, it is keeping me sane! Bali should be fabulous! i am soo looking forward to it! and summer time should be great, lots of festivals and music and sun and beach and drinking and friends! Im actually excited to also just sit down and read a book - not one that has been assigned by one of my many reading-intensive subjects! As lame as it sounds, i miss reading for the "fun" of it! So if any of you have any great books in mind! comment and let me know! i am taking suggestions!
Anyway, thats enough from me for now, as i really should be studying.. its already 7.30 and i havn't started so i think it may be a 3 o'clocker! goooood fucking times!

Love you all, thanks for reading!

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