Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hippy Hippy shake

Think Kate Hudson, Almost Famous (best movie ever??). 

I am kind of wanting rose shaded glasses for this upcoming summer! 
what do you think? hate it or love it? 

I LOVE this black and white patterned top! the outfit is accessorized perfectly! love the cuffs and also loving the shorts!

love the rock'n'roll groupie feel (i guess not so much hippy-ish really.. except for the groupie bit) 

I think this is pretty cool, but am not loving the accessories in this photo! don't like the necklace with it or the bangles at all! I would just wear it with lots of layered random bits of jewelry, lots of bracelets and rings; probably no necklace.

source: various. But - go to for more 

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